What does your creative approach look like?

It’s time to get to work on the content of your video by coming up with a concept. Take insights from your brief and think about what your video should contain, including what needs to be shown and what it needs to stand out. The production company germany is your chance to make a inconceivable good video.

Look to other videos on the web for inspiration that have already covered the topic you’re covering. Look at your competitors and what they’ve done. And get inspired by videos that you find really impactful and memorable. Filter out what makes them good. Combine all these things into a plan for your video’s content and you’ll get the creative approach to your video.

Write your script

Once you’ve developed your strategy and creative approach, it’s time to write a script. Your creative approach will have a strong influence on your script and your research should cement the message behind it. Think about the performers (actors or presenters) you will use to read the script. Assuming you’ve already hired them, try to write according to their style and voice. Maybe involve them to make sure the script fits well. Make your script natural and engaging by using easy-to-understand language that targets your audience. If possible, keep it short so the video doesn’t get unnecessarily long. And if you already have your ideas about location and storyline worked out, you can incorporate those into your script as well.

Create your storyboard

Storyboards allow you to visualize how your video will be shot and what you need to get footage for it. It will help you translate the ideas in your head into concrete, visual goals that align with parts of the script.

List exactly what you envision for each scene.

  • What things need to be in what places?
  • What will the lighting be like?
  • What about coloring and framing?

Take screenshots and visual reference points from other videos, movies, and images on the web. Or create a so-called scamp – a roughly sketched storyboard that shows what kind of shots you need and where. How elaborate your storyboard is will depend on your video. But ultimately, you’re creating it, so just do what works for you. The goal is to have a plan for the scenes to make sure you get them in the can that day.